ASKO Craft

Crafted elegance

ASKO kitchen appliances are crafted with passion for detail to deliver performance and precision. Functionality and durability inspired on professional use and expertise to enrich people’s lives. In this, we find our sense for design and materials seamlessly integrated in contemporary interior.

Our expertise turned an oven into an instrument of precision. We used carefully selected and sustainable  materials and made our product elegant looking and long lasting. Our craftsmanship created this range characterized by exceptional finishing and intuitive interface. We have crafted a sophisticated glass door and integrated it into a one piece seamless frame. The big glass door emphasize the large oven volume and gives full visibility into the cavity.

Steel can come in many different colours

ASKO Black Steel
Black Steel is stainless steel with a touch of colour added. The colour makes the brushed pattern appear clearer and the light is reflected in various ways making the surface come alive with a shimmering expression.
ASKO Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel is a classical yet modern material that brings all kitchens alive. The diagonally brushed surface is light reflective and surrounding materials give a practical and rational expression to your kitchen.
ASKO Graphite Black
Graphite black has a soft appearance and texture which gives smooth transitions to the colour of the surrounding kitchen. Our oven designs effortlessly balance the soft black frame and the hard-black door surface alongisde the display.

ASKO vaulted precision cooking with ovens

Ergonomical and safe
Telescopic guides with locking function - safe and practical when handling heavy and hot plates. The guides will lock when fully extended and you just need to give them a slight push to slide them back. Together with the soft closing door you can maneuver your ASKO Craft oven door with minimal effort.
Preserves the natural flavours
Bring out new flavours by using steam in combination with hot air or cook truly healthy food using steam alone. This will preserve the vitamins and minerals along with the full flavour. Meat, fish and vegetables can be cooked simultaneously: just set the timer according to the food that requires the longest cooking time. With an ASKO oven, there is no risk of overcooking.
Functional food
With our combined microwave oven you have all the flexibility of combination cooking. It offers four different cooking methods: microwave, fan-forced convection cooking, grilling and combined traditional oven cooking with the aid of microwaves. In the same cooking program you can defrost, switch to traditional convection and finish with a short grill. Together with up to 120 auto programs you can cook anything the way you want.
Easy to use
ASKO ovens come with four different interface concepts with the same user friendly base but with different expression. The Linear Concept™ and Grid Concept™ are co-designed and can be integrated together in the same kitchen. Touch Exclusive™ is our full-touch concept where you can change the preferred input method. Linear Concept™ and Grid Concept™ utilise a combination between sturdy dials and intuitive touch keys. Icon Led Concept™ is based on classical dial interaction
Add steam
With steam, you can easily create small wonders – on a daily basis. By adding steam when baking bread, your bread will be fluffy inside, rise better and boast a perfect crust. For guaranteed perfect results, use the temperature probe in the bread. Then you’ll know exactly when it´s time to remove it from the oven. Satisfaction guaranteed!
Shared workload with Stage cooking
Professional chefs always use different heating methods to bring more flavour to their food. Cooking at low temperature for a long time and finishing with a short grill, for example. Or why not use steam, hot air and the grill in one and the same program? Instead of setting different heating modes by yourself, you simply make a selection in the menu and then press start. Let the oven do the work!
Intuitive interaction
With the Easy Dial™ function you’ll find an extremely fast and intuitive way of controlling your cooktop. This feature uses a smart circular dial function with touch control where you easily set power and time. Sliding your finger on the control in a clockwise direction increases the power level, anti-clockwise reduces it. You can also change the same settings by using the button in the circle centre. By pressing the lock button for five seconds you lock the choices you’ve made.

Refresh your space with an ASKO hood

Easy to maintain
Regular cleaning of the filters is crucial to the efficiency of your rangehood and its ability to remove smoke and steam. To avoid too much time passing between cleaning, our rangehoods remind you when it’s time. The filters are easy to access and can be cleaned in your dishwasher.
Effective boost function
The boost function is especially important when the kitchen and living room are adjacent. The boost function on an ASKO rangehood removes about four times more air in an hour than is contained in the average house.
Clean air and filter indication
If the filters are clogged, it really does not matter how efficient the range hood is in general. The fume removal capacity will decrease significantly. That´s when the clean filter indication comes in handy. It reminds you when it’s time to clean the filter.

Extend your cooking possibilities with ASKO Craft drawers

Vacuum drawer - Sous Vide
A steam cooking program for food that is vacuum sealed. The vacuum-sealed food is slow-cooked at a low temperature. With this method the food’s flavour, vitamins and minerals are preserved. Vacuum sealing gives the dish a longer shelf life. Use this function to cook vegetables, fruit, meat, poultry and fish.
Vacuum drawer - Advanced cooking in your own home
The ASKO Craft vacuum drawer provides a unique possibility to introduce advanced cooking in your own home. The 14 cm high drawer is co-designed and prepared for installation together with both the 45 and 60 cm combi steam ovens in the same range. The drawer can be used for preparing food for Sous vide cooking but also for storing, packing or portioning food.
Warming drawer - Defrosting
The warming drawer can help defrost your food. Choose a low temperature and place the food inside the drawer.
Warming drawer - Low temperature cooking
Low temperature cooking is a great method for cooking meat to remain tender. After browning you can place the pan or dish in the drawer and then cook slowly for the recommended time.

We have a new colour! Do you have a new kitchen?

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