International Awards

Ever since the 50 century when we began our journey as a small producer of appliances, we have been richly awarded for our design, functionality and innovations. 
Now, almost 70 years later we are proud of the recognition ASKO has received for the premium level of design, quality, and performance of our products. Below you can find a small collection of some of the awards we have received through the years.

Awards 2018

APDC*IDA Design Excellence Awards

Five products from the ASKO Elements range have been awarded ‘2018 Winner’ in the international design competition organised by APDC*IDA. The products are:

ASKO’s Gas/Induction Hob HIG1995AB, even received the ‘Product Design of the Year’ trophy in the product design class.

Visit APDC*IDA website to read about this award.

Red Dot Award 2018

Red Dot Award 2018 - ASKO Appliances

This international award ranks amongst the largest, most prestigious, and most well-known design competitions in the world. Since 1995 an international jury has reviewed submitted products based on innovation, functionality, and quality. During 2018 we received the award for three products:

  • Elements Coffee Machine CM8478G
  • BI-Refrigerator R31842I
  • BI-Freezer FN31842I

European Product Design Award

European Product Design Award 2018 - Asko Appliances
  • Laundry Care System
  • Dishwasher DBI1654IG

Awards 2017

Red Dot Best of the Best Award 2017

Red Dot Award 2017 - ASKO Appliances

We are proud to announce that the new ASKO Pro Home Laundry concept have been awarded with the Red Dot Best of the Best. The winners are from the Logic user interface range;

Washing machine W4086C and Tumble dryer T408HD - both available in our main markets this year.

Our designers strategic work over time have again been rewarded by two Red Dot awards – but this time both of them are best of the best. This is the first time ASKO products have been rewarded best of the best.

Awards 2016

Red Dot Award 2016 - ASKO Appliances

This international award ranks amongst the largest, most prestigious, and most well-known design competitions in the world. Since 1995 an international jury has reviewed submitted products based on innovation, functionality, and quality. During 2016 did we receive it for three products that are listed below.

  • ASKO Craft - Combi Steam Oven OCS8687A OCS8687A
  • ASKO Craft - Combi Microwave Oven OCM8487A
  • Cooker hood wall - Model Evolve CW4939S

Awards 2015

Red Dot Award 2015 ASKO Appliances
  • Elements by ASKO -  OCS8478G Steam oven
  • Elements by ASKO -  ODW8128G Warming drawer
  • Elements by ASKO -  CW4938G Cooker Hood

Awards 2014

Red Dot Award for ASKO Appliances 2014

The Pro Series OCS8676S steam assist oven has a clean and modern design combined with premium functions and features.

Good Design Award

Good Design Award
The Good Design Awards is Australia’s oldest and most prestigious award for excellence in design and innovation. The Awards showcase superior examples of good design across a broad range of industries and designdisciplines and has its origins dating back to 1958.

The ASKO HIG1995AD Duo Fusion has been recognised with a coveted Good Design Award® The Judges commented: “The Duo Fusion is a unique design innovation that cleverly combines twoenergy sources to deliver an unrivalled cooking experience. This is uncompromising design with carefulattention to form and usability. Safeguards have been meticulously addressed delivering a high quality,easy to use product at a very reasonable price point.”

Red Dot Design Awards

Red Dot Design Award

This international award ranks amongst the largest, most prestigious, and most well known design competitions in the world. Since 1995 an international jury has reviewed submitted products based upon innovation, functionality, and quality.

Our D5424 and D5434 dishwashers received this award for their quality, detail, and connection between form and function.

Our OP8640 oven received this award for its clean and modern design and premium functions and features.

Our fully integrated washing machines and clothes dryers received this award with our design partner Propeller.

The Australian International Design Awards (AIDA)

AIDA award
AIDA is Australia’s longest running design recognition program. A panel of Australian and international design experts assess entries against stringent innovation, form, function, quality, safety, and sustainability standards.

The ASKO Alfresco Dishwasher™ Australia’s first dishwasher designed for outdoor use was a finalist in this award program. Finalists were selected from over 200 entries from renowned Australian and international companies.

Choice Peoples Watchdog

Choice Peoples Watchdog

Choice rigorously tested over 45 auto sensing washing machines, rating models on everything from dirt removal and rinse performance, to gentleness and water and spin efficiency.

Our commitment to eco-friendly products was rewarded by Choice (the people's watchdog) who named the W6884ECO washing machine the best product in its category in a survey of top performing appliances.

Trends Top 30 Australian Kitchens

Trends Top 30 Kitchen

ASKO has been a supplier to two Trends Top 30 Australian Kitchens 2012 – 2013 featured in Kitchen Trends Vol 25 No 10, and Vol 26 No 2.

Trends Top 30 is a prestigious collection of some of the world’s best projects compiled and researched by Trends. The Trends selection panel chooses the Trends Top 30 Kitchens on criteria of excellence in design, function, product specification, and style.

iF Design Award

iF Design Award

The purpose of this award is to enhance appreciation for excellent design, draw attention to outstanding design achievements, and help users recognise the different nuances in a complex product world.

ASKO's line concept of washing machines and clothes dryers.

Design award winner D3000 dishwasher generation.


ADEX award

Awards for Design Excellence is one of the largest and most prestigious award programs for the design of furniture, fixtures, and finishes marketed to the design trade.

2007 & 2006
Platinum - D3232XL dishwasher.
Platinum - dishwasher encore and drying cabinet ultra care.

2005 & 2004
Platinum - W6461 washing machine.
Gold - D3530 dishwasher, and silver D3120 dishwasher.

2003 & 2001
Silver - D3120 dishwasher.
Platinum - D1996FI dishwasher.

Gold - D1996FI dishwasher.

I.D. Magazine's Annual Design Review

ID Magazine Design Review

The International Design Magazine is America’s leading critical magazine covering the art, business, and culture of design.

Design distinction for our laundry care concept.

Design Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany

Design Prize

This prize is awarded for achievements in product design. The judging criteria includes creative and technical innovation, design strategy, utility, benefits, and sustainability.

Nominated with D3000 dishwasher range.

The Grand Award of Design

The Grand Award of Design

This award aims to inspire Swedish business development with focus on design.

Nominated with D3000 dishwasher.

KBIS Design Journal

This best of show award was founded by the Design Journal in 1996 to showcase USA's top products introduced at regional trade shows.

W6661 washing machine and T761 clothes dryer.

D1796Fi and D1996Fi dishwashers.

W660 washing machine and T760 clothes dryer.

Consumers Digest Best Buy

Consumers Digest Best Buy is a product that merits special attention from consumers based on its combination of performance, ease of use, durability, warranty, efficiency, styling, and maintenance and servicing requirements.

W660 washing machine and T760 clothes dryer.

W660 washing machine and T760 clothes dryer.